Claudio Zorzi Architectural Bronze is melted until becoming a single element with no weak points. 

A noble and ancient material of high value and prestige resistant to corrosion. 

Through the natural process of oxidation, architectural bronze gains various tonality plus technical and functional high-performance durability.


Steel is a resistant material with linear and technical forms.

Stainless steel: high performing and glossy.

Weathering Steel: extremely resistant to corrosion, with a warm and stylish colourization, recalling wood’s warmth and sweet tones.


It is possible to uses various timbers, aged through time and prestige.

The endless finishing possibilities, the planning and the talent, joined together with the ageing and polishing techniques guarantees the unicity of your home.


Aluminium allows the freedom to create different styles, from baroque to minimalist. 

The metal is melted until becoming a single element with no weak points ensuring high technical and functional performance. It is resistant to corrosion.

Multiple choices are available, giving endless possibilities to personalization.

The exclusive patents allows the combination of materials, metal/metal or metal/wood.


Thanks to cladding, the external and internal framing maintain the same space even when using different combination of materials (wood-bronze, wood-aluminium, aluminium-aluminium, bronze-bronze).

This guarantees uniformity, elegance and freedom to choose between indoor and outdoor materials.

The evolution of cladding will be the visionary system, CHAMELEON™, studied and patented by Claudio Zorzi.